Humility and Humanity

March 17th, 2019

Lead Pastor Adam Harris starts off our “Who is Jesus?” series with a discussion of Jesus’ humility and humanity.



March 24, 2019

Elder Stephen Eckert speaks on the temptation, or testing, of Christ. For the Tim Mackie sermon Stephen mentioned, go to this page and scroll down to October 12, 2014, “Testing Jesus in the Wilderness.”



March 31, 2019

Rockhills founding pastor Dave Lantz speaks on Jesus' teachings, and that when we act to bless others, we will ourselves be blessed.



April 7, 2019

Lead Pastor Adam Harris speaks on the ministry of Jesus. Video is not available for this message.


The Cross

April 14, 2019

Lead Pastor Adam Harris speaks on the sacrifice of Christ for us, and what that means in our lives.