Serving Locally

We love San Antonio, think it’s a great place to live life and want to make it even better. So come join us at a service event and make a difference in SA. To find out what service activities are coming up see our events page. We also partner with the following organizations to serve our city.

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among the broken

Miguel Meza, a longtime Rockhiller and the founder of Among the Broken, was called into ministry to fight against human sufferering, social injustice, and inequality. Among The Broken provides goods and service to nursing homes, the homeless community, and the AIDS community.

One of Among The Broken’s staple events is their Annual Thanksgiving Day Event. This event has been held at local nursing homes since ATB’s first year of existence. Volunteers play Loteria and other games with the residents, and bring them holiday cheer.

For more information, please visit Among the Broken on Facebook, or contact Miguel at



building smiles

It's hard to understand why kids get cancer. Just as these children should be running and laughing, they are forced into an adult’s world. A world where they are expected to confront scary things with strength and bravery.

Although we can’t take away the need for their fight, we can give them a reason to smile, if even for just an afternoon.

Building Smiles was started by Rockhills’ own Sergio Vega. For more information, visit Building Smiles on the web.



hearts need art

Many patients we work with are alone in the hospital for weeks and months while receiving treatment. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and sheer boredom add to the suffering they already face with a cancer diagnosis.

We use the arts to alleviate the isolation and suffering in patients and their families during their hospital stay. We use evidence-based healing art programs to enrich the healthcare experience and improve patient care.  As a result, patients report less pain, less worry, and less isolation. 

Hearts Need Art was founded by long time Rockhiller Stanzy Roeder. For more information, visit their website at

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sa heals

SA Heals is a faith-based non-profit with a mission to fight poverty and provide hope on San Antonio's eastside - one child, one school, one neighborhood at a time. In order to help break the cycle, our mercy ministry focuses on children with a holistic approach to encourage, equip and empower them. For us, SA Heals is the answer to the question in the parable of the Good Samaritan, who is our neighbor? We are all about Jesus, all of the time and we are responding to His call to love our neighbor. Because of this, we have chosen to live our lives not only for our neighbors but WITH our neighbors until there is no longer an "us" and "them" but only a "we." Our vision is to see God restore and redeem our neighborhood on San Antonio's eastside and to inspire others to do the same in neighborhoods across the city. For more info visit us at