Stephen Eckert


stephen eckert, elder

Stephen became a believer in Christ at a very young age, and was at church “every time the doors were open” through high school. College was a time of questioning for him, as he joined a secular service fraternity, and found that it did more to serve people than he had ever done in church growing up, or in the Christian organization he joined in college. Although he never gave up his faith, he did (through both questioning and a little laziness) stop attending church during that time.

After meeting his lovely wife Laura in graduate school, they both found a church where they were learning and growing, and became plugged in. They have attended several churches over the years, because of relocations. Stephen works in the pharamceutical/medical device industry, and has experienced several mergers and office closings. Stephen and Laura found Rockhills in 2009, and were drawn to both the Come As You Are philosophy, and the emphasis on service.

Stephen is now an elder, and is part of the teaching team on Sunday mornings. He also works on the Tech Team. Stephen enjoys movies and hosts Texas Hold’em tournaments twice a year.