Jan Hassler


jan hassler, deacon

Jan Hassler grew up in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. She landed in Texas for college, where she received a degree in Social Services and Criminal Justice. Later in life, she graduated from a Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction program.

Jan has a passion for journeying with others in a personal way as they discover their life stories, seeking to hear and know God better and respond to His leading in their sacred and ordinary moments of life. She particularly has a tender place for those on the “front lines” of ministry to help them find rest and rejuvenation for their hearts and souls. She is a trained Spiritual Director and accompanying people in their Christian journey and being a co-discerner as they seek God is a joy and a gift in her life.  Jan is also trained to take people through an intensive curriculum in Christlikeness called "The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius." 

Jan enjoys living life with her four-legged canine companions and her husband, Al. Together they do a lot of marriage mentoring and hiking in the mountains. She is a Master Gardener and finds therapy “playing in the dirt”. She is enjoying being “Tito” to her two grandchildren and having them help her see the sacred and ordinary moments of life in new and refreshing ways.