Fifth Sunday Celebration

Milestones, moments and mementos. We all have special memories and celebrations in our lives. Pastor Adam shared two from their family over the last year: a final radiation treatment and sending their last daughter off to college. Perhaps for you a birthday or a marriage comes to mind. We all have spiritual mile markers in our lives as well. Scripture is full of instructions to “remember.” Many times altars were erected as a memento and mile marker to remember that God is good and God is faithful.

Today at Rockhills we celebrated two spiritual mile markers together as a faith community: baby dedications (dedicating the recent new births at Rockhills) and baptisms. Nine children (from seven families) and 2 baptisms were celebrated! On fifth Sundays we also share a meal together as well. Today was a day full of celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness and making spiritual mile markers together.

Most days in our lives are lived in the “in between” these special memorable times. In fact, in the Christian Calendar the days found “in between” Easter, Advent and other special times of spiritual focus are actually termed “Ordinary Time.” While there is value and importance to adhering to the “ordinary time,” this week we focus on scriptures specifically about children and baptism and we celebrate the new physical lives and new spiritual lives around the community of Rockhills Church in San Antonio, Texas.

INVITATION: Join in as we look at some scriptures that surround the topic of children and baptism. Perhaps you might consider looking back on your own spiritual mile markers this week as you pray and meditate on each days scriptures?

MONDAY: Psalm 127:3: Children are a gift from God. Even the Lords Prayer (or “Our Father”) instructs us to approach God as “father” or “Abba”, which means “daddy.” Sometimes people have trouble with this because of broken relationships with their earthly fathers. Is that the case in your life? If so, how might you pray to God about that today? Go ahead and ask God for what you need from his as a father, or a “daddy.” What hurts or pain might you share and ask for healing from?

TUESDAY: I Samuel 1:27-28: Hannah gives her long awaited son over to the Lord. It's hard to trust your kids to the Lord sometimes. George MacDonald wrote: “I am sometimes almost terrified at the scope of the demands made upon me, at the perfection of the self-abandonment required of me; yet outside of such absoluteness can be no salvation. In God we live every commonplace as well as most exalted moment of our being. To trust in HIM when no need is pressing, when things seem going right of themselves, may be harder than when things seem going wrong.” Do you find this quote to be true in your life?

WEDNESDAY: Proverbs 22:6 & Deut. 6:5-7: You can only lead and direct others (including children) from that which you have in yourself. How do you commit yourself, your will and your ways over to the Lord and His service? How might that become a regular practice in your life? If it is already a regular practice, we would love for you to share in the comments ways you surrender to God each and every day.

THURSDAY: 3 John 1:2-4: Our society is certainly health conscious on many levels. We rarely hear, however, that one of the basic principles of a healthful life is truth! When our lives are characterized by honesty and integrity, we reduce the need to conceal or deceive. Our level of peace goes up and our stress level goes down. Jesus was telling the gospel truth when he reminded us that the “truth sets us free” (John 8:32). Where do you most need this freedom in your life? How are you being challenged to walk in greater truth?

FRIDAY: Colossians 2:12 & Matthew 28:19: We are called to be baptized as Jesus was baptized. There are 27 accounts in the new testament of baptisms. Have you followed in the steps of Jesus in this way since you have been old enough to make faith in Him a personal decision? If not, why not?

SATURDAY: Acts 22:15-16: Baptism doesn’t wash sins away or in any way save you from your sins. Jesus did that on the cross. However, an outward symbol of faith in the saving grace of Jesus is by being baptized. A wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage. Many people wear (or carry) a cross of some sort. Do you have any symbols in your life to remind you of your faith in Jesus? Many people like to have something tactile during their quiet times with God to help them better focus on Jesus. Perhaps you can try that this week? A candle? A cross?