When you are not where you are supposed to be, when you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing and when you are bored, there is a good chance some poor decisions will be made. Pastor Adam gave those words as free advice to the high school graduates we honored today, and it is a life lesson taken from this week’s study of David and Bathsheba.  Sin always takes us farther than we want to go, it always keeps us longer than we want to stay, and it always costs us more than we want to pay.  King David’s sin kept getting bigger and bigger as he tried to justify his immoral behavior.  

Jesus is the redeemer of all - even the “questionable” women in the lineage of Jesus. Bathsheba is often thought of as one of these questionable women, but as we will see in this week’s study, she really had no choice in the situation with King David.  She was the victim in what is called power rape in our culture. She was taken advantage of by someone who had power and control over her, and it was a case of David’s sinful abuse of power and authority.  Power, position and privilege are tools for GOD’S GLORY. It is never appropriate to use them to take advantage of others. Other important lessons from this week’s scriptures are that temptation does not discriminate. You WILL face temptation - no matter who you are and what your status is. Also, forgiveness is not fair. Finally, Pastor Adam pointed out that repentance always leads to restoration.

INVITATION: Join us as we dig deeper in the story of David and Bathsheba.  

MONDAY:  I Kings 15:5. What a difference would have been made if there was a period in this verse after “…all the days of his life.”  However, the word “except” is there. David had a stellar faithful life EXCEPT for the case of Uriah the Hittite.  We all have “excepts” in our life.  As you pray and ask God to search your heart today, is there any unconfessed sin that He shows you? Don’t look for false guilt.  Only for what God convicts you of. You are encouraged to begin this week with a clean slate before the Lord. Many people make this type of confession a matter of every day prayer. Perhaps that is a spiritual practice you might begin? 

TUESDAY:  2 Sam. 11:1-2:  David is not where he is supposed to be and not doing what he was supposed to be doing.  Perhaps he was bored and it caused him to notice things he didn't usually pay attention to. Bathsheba was doing everything appropriately. David’s human-ness kicked in and he let it get away from him. Our human-ness can kick in as well and it is at these times our guard can go down.  John 10:10 describes how the evil one works:  he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Is there a situation in your life this week where you might need extra prayer to have your guard up and strong?  Who might you ask to help you and support you in prayer?

WEDNESDAY:  2 Sam. 11:3-4:  David takes the next steps and uses his power and authority over Bathsheba and sleeps with her. For anyone else, adultery would be punishable by death. David abused his power and authority and knew he would not be punished by human authorities because HE was the highest authority.  Even when unjust things occur in life, you are not alone.  God saw Bathsheba and was with her in her hurt. God sees you. Do you believe that? How might you pour out your heart to God today regarding how you long to be seen and known?

THURSDAY: 2 Sam. 11:5-17:  These verses describe the levels of plans devised by David to cover up his sin and make it seem like Uriah was the father of the child Bathsheba was carrying. David, in essence, planned for the assassination of Uriah by ordering him to the front lines of war without support. Is there something in your life that might be snowballing and getting larger than you ever intended? Ask for God’s help in order to put a stop to it.  Stopping and noticing can go a long way to preventing sin, but it is sometimes much easier to continue our life “sleepwalking” rather than facing our sin.  Verses 26-27 indicated the Lord was displeased with what David had done. Do you have a sensitivity and a desire to please God or has that been buried in your life? 

FRIDAY: 2 Sam. 12:1-16:  God sends Nathan, who knows nothing about the Bathsheba situation, to David. Are you open and teachable enough to allow others to speak into your life - even when you don’t want to hear it?  Perhaps you might begin praying for a teachable spirit?  Pastor Adam pointed out that conviction from God is the LOVE of God. 

SATURDAY: Psalm 51:  This is David’s prayer of repentance. Perhaps you can use this psalm in your prayers this week:  to be clean, whole, free from pretense? Is there a way you might be called to open your heart before God this week and let go of protectiveness about your self image? God knows each of us intimately anyway. How can you be more open and honest before God this week and in your future prayer times?