Cinco de San Antonio

Did you know San Antonio was named after Saint Anthony? He was a passionate follower of God, loved scripture and had a tenderness toward the poor and the sick. One of his famous quotes came when someone asked him what one must do in order to please God. His reply was, “Pay attention to what I tell you: whoever you may be, always have God before your eyes, whatever you do, do it according to the testimony of the Holy Scriptures; in whatever place you live do not easily leave it. Keep these three precepts and you will be saved.”  

San Antonio is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. There are more people willing to come to church or participate in relationship than we are willing to invite. People are lonely and searching. As Saint Anthony’s quote seems to indicate, God has you HERE. Consider that it isn’t a coincidence and there is meaning and purpose behind it. Are you willing to begin praying for God to open your eyes to people, places and things going on around you? God has a bigger plan than most of us comprehend. He is involved in the details. Will you consider some of those details this week and pray about starting to see yourself as an integral part of God’s bigger plan and bigger picture right here at Rockhills and right here in San Antonio?  You are part of the story, and the story is not finished. Who knows but what you are placed right where you are for such a time as this?

INVITATION:  Pastor Adam called us to a vision focused on three actions: prayer, care and share regarding our city and our church. Join us in scripture as we seek to grasp our place, our power and our purpose, and then consider some practical suggestions for how to apply them within our unique places, including within the City of San Antonio.  At the end of this week’s Ten Minutes With God, there are some practical ways to pray for our city. 

MONDAY:  Acts 1:8 & Romans 8:9-11:  The same Spirit that came at Pentecost in Jerusalem is the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and is in you and me as believers. Would you consider praying this week for the power of the Holy Spirit to help you see how you might pray, care and share within your church, your neighborhood and within our city and beyond?  Then, will you watch and listen for God to answer your prayer? 

TUESDAY:  Leviticus 25:23 & I Peter 2:11-12:  God owns everything. We are simply traveling through. As you consider that bigger picture, how might you see whatever your current situation is?  Your job, your house, your street, your school, your city,  your state, etc. God is in the details. Wherever you currently are is your “mission field.” Are you willing to live for God and be a light right where you are or are you busy focusing on whatever is next?  Many times we are waiting for the “right time.” Will you consider that right now is the right time?  

WEDNESDAY: John 1:14: The Word became flesh and “made his dwelling among us.”  If you are a believer, the Spirit of God has made His dwelling place within you. Where is your current dwelling place? That is where you are called to shine the light that is within you.   Sometimes people are called across the world, but most often we are called to what is right under our nose. How might God be calling you to be a missionary this week and in the weeks to come? Have you ever considered yourself a missionary before? Are you willing to ask God about this unique calling on your life?  Are you willing to live into that calling? 

THURSDAY: Acts 17:26-28: Have you ever thought through the truth that God determined the “exact places” where you should live? How do you feel when you read verse 28 about “moving and having your being” in Christ? Does that draw you or do you feel a resistance to that? How can you pray about that verse this week?

FRIDAY:  John 13:34-35 & Matthew 22:36-40:  According to Jesus the greatest commandment is to love. It is impossible without the power of the Holy Spirit. How can you pray to love as Christ loves you?  Is there a “neighbor” who comes to mind who you need help loving? Tell Jesus about it today. Ask for His help. Perhaps you feel some resistance to Pastor Adam’s application to “share.” Today will you pray about what God has for you in that regard? You don’t have to have scriptures memorized or be a seminary graduate to share. Perhaps God might have you simply share a cup of coffee? Or perhaps share some yard tools, or your time and energy?  Don’t make assumptions on how God might call you to pray, care and share. God often works outside our realm of understanding. He is constantly kicking our “God box” open to be bigger and bigger. 

SATURDAY:  Pastor Adam shared some heartfelt sentiments from some other pastors and from city leaders about how the church (specifically Rockhills) could help our city. PRAYER was the unanimous answer from all sources.  Will you consider praying for San Antonio on a regular basis?  Here are a few ideas and resources to help make praying for our city part of your regular spiritual practice:   

  • Consider whenever you see a police care, fire truck, ambulance or other city vehicle a prayer prompt to pray for our city’s protectors and first responders and perhaps our mayor and other governmental leaders; 

  • Some people attach a prayer prompt to something more random, such as every time they see a red truck, or a white car, to be a reminder toward praying for something specific. Why not praying for our city?

  • Many people find setting an alarm on their watch or phone to be helpful as a prayer prompt. The Deacons at Rockhills all have timers set to be in prayer for Rockhills and the Harris family on a regular basis. 

  • We are a military city. When you see people in uniform, or military planes, etc., perhaps that can be a prayer prompt for however God leads - - peace, leadership, etc. within our city, state and country. 

  • When you read or watch the news, consider that as a prayer prompt to pray for our city and its leaders;

  • Some people find it useful to attach prayer to regular habits (perhaps brushing your teeth, brewing morning coffee, etc.).  Consider praying for San Antonio as you go about some regular routine in your life. 

  • Consider praying for our schools every time you pass a school; 

  • Hereare some helpful resources for praying for your city

  • Hereis a helpful article on prayer points for your city (and related scripture).