Pastor Adam is continuing the Rockhills series on the “shady ladies” who are part of the legacy of Christ. When Matthew outlines the lineage of Christ, he purposely mentions four women with rough backgrounds and reputations. Jesus not only came from them,  he came FOR them. They are not unlike you or me:  imperfect, sinful, poor life choices, rough around the edges.  Today’s teaching was on Rahab. God used all her hurt, her pain and her dark days to honor and glorify God. She went from harlot to heroine. God can change and use you in the same way. God doesn’t waste pain. Are  you ready to live into your new story with God at the front and center?

We live in a culture that seems to be moving away from allowing darkness to be so easily swept under the rug, including within the Church.  We all want our lives to matter and our hurt and pain to matter and to be redeemed.  Rahab felt the same way. Join in as we see how God redeems her life and pain.  Pastor Adam made a point of mentioning we have resources if you wish to speak with someone, pray with someone, counsel with someone regarding working through your past and moving forward with Christ.  Please do not hesitate to e-mail adam@rockhills.com or jan@rockhills.com or heather@rockhills.com to meet or for further information and/or for referrals to meet your desires and your needs. 

MONDAY:  Joshua 2:1-:  Joshua was a leader who was part of “team Israel” that journeyed to the promised land. In the process, entering and possessing the land required of them renewed courage, perseverance and faith. The Israelites faced a difficult task - to conquer and settle the land.  Joshua secretly sent two spies ahead into the walled off city of Jericho. They went to Rahab’s house. Pastor Adam suggested perhaps this was because she was an expert at keeping secrets and being discreet. Do you think this was a coincidence? Can you trust even the smallest details to God? Have those details even seemed “wrong” to you? Is there currently something in your life you can trust to place in God’s hands?  How might you commit that to prayer today? 

TUESDAY:  Joshua 2:2-7:  Pastor Adam suggested these were not very good spies because the King and the entire town seemed to know they were in town!  Rahab hid them and when authorities came to her house she lied. That made her not only a prostitute but also a lier. God can use whomever he wants for whatever he wants. Do you believe God can use you?  Beginning right now - - just as you are, God can use you. He is interested in availability, not ability.  You are invited to surrender your past into God’s hands and move forward with God into the future. 

WEDNESDAY: Joshua 2:8-11: Rahab had a fear and respect for God even though she did not live in a Christian culture.  Do you respect and admire God even though our culture does not seem to value the things of God? We are considered a Christian culture, but many people think the USA is now only “culturally christian.” Are you simply checking off the box regarding your Christian faith, or do you believe, follow, trust and respect the things of God? How does that play out in your day to day life? 

THURSDAY:  Joshua 2:12-16:  Rahab made a deal with the spies. She asked for God’s kindness. The Hebrew word used here is Hesed. God is a God of “Hesed” - lovingkindness.  Other words used in the scripture are steadfast love and unfailing love.  Because of sin, our relationship of “Hesed” was marred and often we allow fear to control our lives rather than the truth of God’s lovingkindness toward us. Our full “Hesed” relationship with God was restored because of Jesus. How can you live in the light of God’s lovingkindness toward you this week? How can you tangibly rest in the knowledge of God’s kindness this week?  Pastor Adam used the analogy of an umbrella.  God’s “Hesed” covers us. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will not experience hurt, pain or difficulties, but God’s covering is available to us. Have you thought to pray for his lovingkindness in your life? 

FRIDAY:  Joshua 6:22-23:  Rahab’s family was protected by the Israelites because of the help she gave the spies. She eventually married an Israelite and became the mother of Boaz (from the story of Ruth) and is the great grandmother of King David, and ultimately became part of the lineage of Jesus. Rahab did not let her past keep her from living under the goodness and kindness of God. Is there something from your past holding you back?

SATURDAY:  Hebrews 11:31:  Jesus is still in the business of redeeming life stories.  Your story is not finished. As Rahab welcomed spies, is there something God might be bringing into your life that you need to welcome?  There is a famous prayer actually called the “welcoming prayer.”  Are you courageous enough to let go of personal compulsions and welcome whatever God has for you into your life? 

By Father Thomas Keating

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

I welcome everything that comes to me today

because I know it’s for my healing.

I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons, situations, and conditions.

I let go of my desire for power and control.

I let go of my desire for affection, esteem, approval and pleasure.

I let go of my desire for survival and security. 

I let go of my desire to change any situation, condition, person or myself.

I open to the love and presence of God and God’s action within.