Humility and Humanity

The life of Jesus. What better focus as we travel in the Lenten season and look toward the celebration of Easter?  In the original Christian calendar the Lenten season was set aside to focus and pray along with Jesus as he journeyed to the cross. This series on Jesus will facilitate traveling with Jesus during his life and ministry up to Easter Sunday. 

Jesus left all he had in heaven with His father in order to become human and experience all that we experience as we journey in this life. He demonstrated great humility when he became just like us and experience all we experience.  He experienced the same betrayal, hurt, pain, joys, snubs, hardships, relational ups and downs, disappointments, joys and sorrows we experience as human beings traveling along our life path. He was God. He was man. 

INVITATION: As you read the scriptures this week, consider Jesus’ willingness to become human and suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually for you. Think through what and how Jesus suffers in his humanity. Try your best to notice how and when Jesus hides (or chooses not to use) His divinity in these verses. What is your response to Jesus’ sacrifice for you in terms of becoming humble and human? 

MONDAY: Luke 2:41-52: Even though Jesus was God, he was teachable. What about you? Do you have the humility it takes to be teachable? It is possible Jesus already knew what was being taught in the temple. How do you respond when someone tries to tell you or teach you something you already know?  Does pride kick in or do you consider it possible there is still room to learn? 

TUESDAY: Luke 8:4-15:  This is sometimes called “The Parable of the Sower.” Attending to God’s voice requires training and effort. We are unaccustomed to listening and often can let God’s messages go unnoticed. Or, we might hear God speaking to us, but we don’t let the words take root in our inner being. What does it say to you about God that he continues to plant seeds even though we don’t always nurture them? What does it say about our human nature that we’re so easily distracted? What do you want to say to God, or to ask God about these issues in your life? How can you hear God better? Are you willing to put in the training and the effort? 

WEDNESDAY: Matthew 3:1-2 and 13-17:  Jesus was obedient in being baptized, even though John the Baptist tried to deter him. Pastor Adam talked about how we can sometimes be so familiar with some of the teachings of Jesus we flippantly take them for granted and discount them.  Are there any matters in your life the Lord may want you to be obedient to that you might be taking for granted? 

THURSDAY:  John 1:14: Jesus came to be right where you are, even “in the same neighborhood.” (The Message).  He chose to wear our “dirty shoes” to be able to walk where we walk and experience what we experience. How does that make you feel about Jesus today? Spend some time expressing your gratefulness for this choice Jesus made on your behalf.  How might this change how you talk to Jesus in prayer this week? What would it be like to talk with Him as if He were walking right next to you experiencing this with you all week?

FRIDAY:  Hebrews 4:14-15:  Jesus was tempted as you have been tempted. He can sympathize with your every weakness. He loves you in spite of your every weakness. Is there a specific area of weakness you want to bring into the presence of God today - knowing He empathizes and understands and stands ready to help?

SATURDAY:  Philippians 2:5-11: These might be the most powerful verses in scripture about Christ's humility and obedience to God. We, too, are called to be humble and obedient. We are not left to do it alone. How can you pray today and this week for the help of the Holy Spirit regarding living a humble and obedient life? This might even be the type of prayer to consider beginning every day with……a heart position of surrender and obedience to Jesus in your life.  Some people find it helpful to attach such a prayer to a task they already do, such as brushing their teeth, or waiiting for the coffee to brew. Can that be a time of such a prayer in your life?