When we consider all that God is doing in the world today, it still happens one person at a time. The original founder and planter of Rockhills Church taught today on blessings:  being a blessing and receiving God’s blessing. It's more than just putting on social medial that you are #blessed.  But how do we do this “blessing thing” God’s way?  

Throughout the New Testament Jesus made it clear that His teachings were “the way the truth and the life” and that the old ways of doing things (the law) were going to be fulfilled by Him and His life and teaching.  This was hard for the people hearing Jesus’ teachings to understand, and sometimes it’s just as hard for us today. The teachings of Jesus are often called part of the “upside down kingdom” because they are counter intuitive and counter cultural.

INVITATION: Join us this week as we consider the “Jesus way” of blessings.

MONDAY:  Genesis 12:1-3:  God’s covenant with his people begins with this simple (but not easy) command to “leave what you know and go into the unknown.” This command is united with a promise of blessing, yet it is no less fearful for that. God calls each of us to “leave what you know and go into the unknown.  Trust me…even for what you cannot see or know. I will be with you and bless you, but you must act in faith in response to my word.”  In spite of this powerful beginning, God’s people in the Old Testament began to focus inward rather than on God.  This self focus even resulted in them leaving God and serving other Gods.  As you consider the journey of God’s people in the Old Testament, could your life be mostly inward focused right now? As you give this reflection time, space and prayer, do you hear God saying anything to you about your current focus? 

TUESDAY: Luke 4:16-22:  Jesus read from Isaiah saying the scripture is fulfilled “today.” Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophesies from the Old Testament.  People left from this teaching questioning things because he was “Joseph’s son” and basically just a home town kid. Who do YOU say Jesus is? Who is He in your life? Take time to reflect upon that question today and its implication for your life.

WEDNESDAY: Matthew 4:17:  Jesus often taught about the need to repent, but what does that really mean?  In the Old Testament there was a sacrificial system, but now we are under the new covenant. Pastor Dave taught that it involves not just a changed mind, but also involves a heart turn. Repentance involves a turn AND a return. A heart turn and a return to God. Are there parts of your heart that need to turn and return to God? 

THURSDAY: Romans 12:1-2:  God calls us to a daily process of faith.  Repentance is not a one time thing, but daily offering ourselves as a “living sacrifice.” This is a very humbling lifestyle. Are you up for it? It is counter intuitive and counter cultural. You are invited to talk with Jesus today about how beauty and blessing come in repentance and what that might look like in your life today and in the days to come. Do you trust God’s way enough to die to self in this manner? 

FRIDAY:  Matthew 5:3-10.  Poor in spirit, those who mourn, meekness. Are these things you consider as “blessed?” How might you live today, no matter what your circumstance, looking for ways to bless others?  Repent, turn away from an internal focus and focus again on God and blessing others. God will in turn bless you.  Do you believe that? How can you step out in faith today, trusting in God’s blessing when you “repent” and become a “living sacrifice.”