Faith and Works, Part Two

In keeping with the theme from the book of James regarding living out our Christian lives, there was a guest speaker today who has devoted his life to God’s calling.  Jeremy Price is someone Adam has known since the early 1990s. Pastor Adam was Jeremy's youth Pastor.  

Jeremy has a call on his life to Africa. He began approximately 13 years ago. It is a non-profit that not only builds homes, but strength, courage, hope, stability and a future for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. 

What kind of people do we want to become? How are you called to live out your belief in Jesus Christ? James is telling the Christ followers they need to live their faith out.  This includes the way we think, talk, behave, live, work, etc.  Obviously Jeremy Price has been called to live his calling out in a radical way. That is not everyone’s call. Do you know God’s call on how you live your life? Does your faith in Jesus shine throughout the week or only on Sundays?  

INVITATION:  This week you are invited into Part 2 of Chapter 2 of James.  Many people find it powerful to repeat sections of scripture day after day and even week after week as part of their Bible reading plan. We are in the powerful Chapter 2 of James once again this week so these verses may be repetitive for you. Trust God and trust the process. His Word never returns void!  This week’s study is partially from the You Version of the Bible App from the study entitled “Love God Greatly” (recommend by Pastor Adam).  There are also sections from Jan Hassler and Ten Minutes With God:  

MONDAY:  James 2:1-10:  This is a key section in the entire book of James. How has Christ given freely to you?  Spend some time in prayer and reflection about ways you can be a good steward of what Christ gives you.  Is God inviting you into something new or different? 

TUESDAY:  James 2:1-10:  As you read these same verses again, notice a word or phrase that seems to stand out for you.  Take that word or phrase into prayer with God. Ask HIM what He would have you do/know about this word or phrase.  Meditate on that word or phrase and take it into your day or perhaps your week. Who knows? Perhaps the Lord could make it a theme word or phrase for your 2019?  

WEDNESDAY:  James 2:11-12:  These verses mention testing and trials. No one enjoys such things, yet God talks about “blessed is the man who perseveres under trial.”  Look back on some trials in your life. How did you see God’s hand in the situation? How did you see His faithfulness and character? How did God help you persevere?  Spend some time in gratitude.   

THURSDAY:  James 2:13-18: These verses indicate each one is tempted when “by his own evil desire” he is dragged away and enticed.  Desire can then ultimately lead to sin.  Spend some time in today’s prayer asking God to show you if there are any desires in your life that may need to be brought into the light.  Hold this desire up to the Lord and see what He may tell you about it.  

FRIDAY: James 2:19-21:  In what ways can you practice being slow to speak? How does anger go against the righteousness of God? 

SATURDAY: James 2:22-27:  What is the importance of doing what God’s Word tells us? When we only read and study but aren’t “doers of the word”, what does that show about ourselves? What does it show about what we believe about God?