The Wise Men

When exposed to the truth, it changes your perspective and more importantly, it changes your actions.   

Stephen Eckert taught a powerful message about God being made known and he focused on the wise men. Scripture doesn’t tell us much about these men who traveled to bring gifts to Jesus, but most likely they were astronomers or astrologers.  God spoke in their known language of the skies (a star) to tell them about Jesus and to direct them to Him.  The wise men adjusted their actions based upon this truth revealed to them. 

God always speaks in a “language” we will understand. Are you listening? As you are exposed to the truth of God made known through nature, His Word, other believers, the Holy Spirit, and things within your circumstances? Do you pay attention and is it changing you?  How might you become more sensitive to the language of God in your life in 2019?  

INVITATION: In this week’s study we will explore the wise men, and other Bible characters who were exposed to truth in different “languages” of God, and some of the different reactions to the revelation of truth. You are invited to meditate and pray about how God speaks to you in your life. What is your reaction to truth being revealed by God?  

MONDAY: Matthew 2:1-12: These “wise men” probably had a good “gig” in life as they worked for a king. Why would they leave and travel a long way over what was probably dangerous terrain, risking possibly their lives and certainly the riches they carried with them?  Because God spoke in their language (a star) and their response was to adjust their actions accordingly.  As you sit in prayer with these scriptures, how do you sense the Lord speaking into your life? Is there any action you are neglecting or might have turned a deaf ear toward?  God still speaks today. Do you pay attention to your life and circumstances and look and listen?  

TUESDAY: Matthew 2:13-18:  Sometimes the response to truth is negative, bad or even evil. When King Herod was exposed to the truth, he became angry and did evil. Ask yourself:  How might I cooperate with God’s designs for my life today and in the coming year? Do I have any unique qualities that might reflect a certain purpose? What “language” might God be using to speak into my life right now? Are you willing to ask God if perhaps you have ever responded to truth in a bad way or negative way? Perhaps today is the day to turn from that and renew your commitment to seeking God’s plan in your life? 

WEDNESDAY:  Luke 19:1-10: Tax collectors made their money by cheating people out of their money in order to pay taxes to the Roman government. They were the lowest of the scum. Zacchaeus was unliked, and never accepted. However, after being exposed to the truth in the form of Jesus Christ, he adjusted his perspective and actions. He sought to make right all the wrongs he had done. Are you willing to ask the Lord if there are any actions you might need to take to rectify a wrong? Do you need to forgive someone? Do you need to apologize and ask forgiveness from someone? Consider taking action to any truth revealed to you in this regard. Wouldn’t it be great to begin 2019 with a clear heart, mind and soul?  

THURSDAY: Mark 10:17-22:  Sometimes being exposed to truth results in ignoring it.  Often in the Christian journey we are asked to give something up, like this rich young ruler. Is there any truth being spoken into your life you are currently ignoring?  Perhaps you can talk to God about trusting Him and His ways in your life?  

FRIDAY:  Romans 5:6-8:  Jesus came at just the right time and he died at just the right time. He didn’t die because we deserved it. He died because he loved us in spite of ourselves and our sins. This Christmas and Advent season, will you renew your commitment to the savior who came to earth as a baby to die on your behalf?  Perhaps 2019 can be a year of listening and pursuing God in such a way to be able to hear His personal language to you? Ask yourself this question: are you willing to adjust your perceptions and actions toward His will and His ways for your life?