Stories of Thanks

In this world filled with gripes, gossip, and guesswork in relationships, saying an occasional “thank you” and showing gratitude is good for one’s soul. In the words of Ann Voskamp (author of One Thousand Gifts), “Thanksgiving creates abundance.” I couldn’t agree more. Gratitude is the gate that leads all involved into a wide open space of grace and goodness. What better gift can we offer to God and others than the gift of gratitude? What better week to put this into practice?

When we see all of life as a gift from the hand of the Creator God, we develop responsiveness to all things – good or hard – with an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude can heal the broken heart, bind up the divided home and it bridges relational gaps. Gratitude and thanksgiving strengthens the bonds of love between us and our worship of God and our relationship with each other. To be grateful rather than critical, thankful rather than cynical, and glad hearted rather that bitter minded, is to be filled to overflowing with an abundance that sustains all of life.

You say, ‘If I had a little more, I should be very satisfied.’ You make a mistake. If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled.  C.H. Spurgeon.  

When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.  G.K. Chesterton

INVITATION: Will you offer the gift of gratitude and thanksgiving to others this week?

MONDAY: Psalm 95:2.  This Psalm, like many others, mentions music and song. Does music help you worship and help your mood and attitude? Have you ever given thought and prayer as to what type of music you listen to and how it might affect your life, your emotions and how you love God and love others?

TUESDAY: Psalm 100:1-5: We belong to God. It is a profound truth, yet one that we easily forget. The image of God as an attentive shepherd abounds in Scripture. Belonging to this loving Shepherd, we are watched and cared for with infinite tenderness. What reminds you that you belong to God? What images, songs or Bible verses remind you of God’s constancy and care? How might you live today in that reality?

WEDNESDAY: Psalm 35:18: How might you praise God when in the presence of other people?

THURSDAY:  Today purpose to wake up with a song in your heart and thanksgiving on your lips. If you don’t “feel” it, ask Jesus to help you.  Move into this day – called Thanksgiving – grateful for the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.  He loved you enough to go to the cross, and that love for you kept him on the cross in order that you might have an avenue for freedom, grace and mercy. Embrace that today in a new way!

FRIDAY:  Psalm 107:1-2:  Gods love endures forever. Scripture says it is the same today and forever. You are invited to write a song – or Psalm – about that today.  Consider reading it aloud to Jesus.

SATURDAY: I Thes. 5:18: Want to know God’s will for you?  Read this verse. It is a good “go to” verse when life and situations get overwhelming.  The bottom line of the bottom line for the Christian journey.  As we close out the week of Thanksgiving, perhaps this is a good verse to memorize to take forward with you into the holiday season and a new year?