Sacred Ordinary Advent Devotional

The word “advent” comes from a Latin word which means coming. Historically, the Christian church has taken the weeks leading up to Christmas to intentionally “live into” the story of waiting for the coming of Jesus into the world. It is a season that reminds us of our longings and desires, and a time of waiting. Many people find when they set aside the time to focus on the coming of Christ during this season, it makes the true meaning of Christmas much more poignant and powerful.

You are invited to enter into this Advent Season with your Rockhills family in our SACRED ORDINARY Advent journey. Beginning December 3rd we will offer thoughts, practices, prayers, and scriptures on our website, our Facebook page, and via e-mail to help you journey to the manger in an intentional way. It won’t be hard or require a lot of time – but it might require you be more intentional in what you notice and pay attention to. It might involve some paradigm shifts. It will be ORDINARY. But it will be SACRED.

By taking this Advent season to stop, look, and listen, you will be sure to meet Jesus in new and powerful ways in the ordinariness of your everyday life. Won’t you join us on this SACRED ORDINARY Advent Journey? You can sign up to receive daily emails during advent at the connecting center, or by emailing and asking to be added to the advent list.