Be a church where no perfect people are allowed, because there are no perfect people. A place where everyone can just come as they are and be themselves.
Be a church that is about relationships – loving God and loving people, and about serving – turning the world upside down
Be a church that is fun, and relevant, and really makes a difference in your life.


COME AS YOU ARE – You don’t have to get cleaned up or pretend you’re somebody you’re not–we simply want to help you find God and begin to grow into what he intends for your life. It is our desire to meet you right where you are in life-kinda like Jesus did. Bring your doubts, wear whatever you want, and please don’t feel like you have to put on a fake smile.

BE DIFFERENT – We are all searching to become more, to live more consistently, to make a difference in other people’s lives, and to see, maybe for the first time, what God sees in us. Together we listen to God’s voice in the Scriptures and encourage each other to pursue the kind of life that God intends for us in Jesus. If we’re honest, we all know that we haven’t arrived yet—not one of us has it all together, we still want to grow, to change, to…be different.

SERVE THE CITY – We want to make a difference in San Antonio so we “Serve the City.” Check our events page to see what we are doing.